Jill Murphy

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Lester Learns A Lesson

Lester loves to muck around on his skateboard, especially when baby Lucy provides a willing audience.

Lucy is delighted when Lester goes a step too far and breaks one of Mrs Large's china ornaments - a pink elephant.

At first he tries to cover up his deed. Unluckily for him, his brother Luke has returned from the toy shop  with a new detective's outfit and is hot on the trail of the missing ornament.

Lester asks Laura - who's good at making things - to try and help him fix it.

Luke overhears them at work and mistakenly believes that it was Laura who broke it.

He enjoys telling his mum about this and Mrs Large gathers the children to get to the bottom of it all.

Lester finally owns up, and learns that honesty is always the best answer.

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