Jill Murphy

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Peace At Last

jill peace at last

It's late at night and Mr Bear is desperately trying to sleep--but Mrs Bear snores so he tries Baby Bear's room, but Baby Bear is pretending to be an aeroplane so there's no peace there. Room by room Mr Bear goes through the house trying to find somewhere to sleep.


Bright colourful pictures accompany the simple, repetitive text of this delightful storybook. Children will delight in all the wonderful sound effects and Mr Bear's reaction--"TICK-TOCK...went the living room clock...TICK-TOCK, TICK-TOCK. CUCKOO! CUCKOO! "Oh NO!" said Mr Bear, "I can't stand THIS." So he went off to sleep in the kitchen." And parents will have plenty of empathy for poor Mr Bear's predicament.

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